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LCP is funded by Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) to provide a specialist domestic and family violence response including after-hours support and emergency accommodation at the Lithgow Women and Children’s Crisis Centre.

LCP also works in partnership with Housing Plus to provide the Staying Home Leaving Violence (SLHV) program for women and children in the Lithgow LGA.

in 2023 LCP entered a partnership with Housing Plus and the NSW Government for the delivery of the Lithgow Core and Cluster Program, designed to provide crisis accommodation to women and children experiencing domestic and family violence. 


Our aim is to increase safety, uphold dignity, support recovery from trauma and hold perpetrators accountable for their actions. 

Our Commitment


Domestic and family violence can involve behaviour that makes you feel scared, involve threats to you, your children or pets, and denies your choice. It is an ongoing repeated pattern of behaviour to control you. It is not always physical. 


Violent behaviour can include:

Psychological or emotional violence 

Sexual violence 

Coercive control (see bottom of webpage)

Financial abuse 

Physical violence 

Spiritual violence 

Social violence 

Legal violence  

Reproductive violence 


Stalking ​

TYPES OF ABUSE - find out more

Unsure of your relationship or previous experiences?  My safety Kit is a great resource for anyone reflecting on their  relationships


My Safety Kit


On average, one woman a week is murdered by her current or former partner

Key statistics on violence against women in Australia provided by Our Watch 


LCP works with people who have experienced/ currently experiencing domestic or family violence, regardless of their level of income, status, gender, age, race or culture.


LCP acknowledges that most victim/survivors are women and children, and most perpetrators are male, however we support and/or refer anyone who is requesting assistance for experiences of domestic and family violence.

Domestic and Family Violence Resources

1 in 2 women (53%) has experienced sexual harassment in their lifetime
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LCP can provide emergency accommodation, after hours crisis support, access to free trauma informed counselling, holistic client-led safety and case planning, advocacy and liaison with other services including legal, housing, financial and children’s services. 

Talking with someone about your experiences of violence and abuse is a personal decision. It can be valuable but is worth thinking carefully about. One of the people you may choose to talk to is a counsellor or therapist.


This Guide to selecting a counsellor may help you select a counsellor who is the right fit for you:

Guide to selecting a counsellor

There is evidence that women with disability are more likely to experience violence. For example, women with disabilities in Australia are around two times more likely than women without disabilities to have experienced sexual violence and intimate partner violence


- Risk assessments and safety planning to stay in your home, or if needed, access emergency and transitional housing, or help to find other temporary and safe accommodation 

- Help with information about domestic violence, relationships, parenting, sexual assault, child abuse, housing, or other difficulties 

- Referrals and assistance to work with other support agencies  

- Practical support including improving the security in your current home, finding independent accommodation, information on financial support, access to legal services or medical assistance, court support 

- Emotional support: our staff are here to support you and your children, we have a counsellor on staff who are aware of the trauma resulting from domestic and family violence, child abuse, and sexual assault 

- Case Management: we can assist you in making the changes you’ve identified to live your life the way you really want to. 

- Case Coordination: we can also provide you with occasional support, advice and assistance even if you don't have a case plan.

Domestic and Family Violence Resources

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