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LCP provides Specialist Homelessness Services (SHS) in the Lithgow LGA.  This means we will work with you to ensure you receive the best possible assistance to avoid becoming homeless or, if you are homeless, to access safe affordable and secure housing. 


LCP works with women, men, young people, families, Aboriginal people and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to find and maintain housing through collaborative case planning and management. 

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On any given night, 116,000 people in Australia are experiencing homelessness. 

NSW SHS 2019/2020 data via Homelessness NSW


LCP provides client-centred case work, information, referral, brokerage, advocacy, and accommodation support, including: 

- Early engagement to address risks to homelessness and support people to maintain their existing housing via our tenancy support program 

- Case management support and advocacy to help people who are homeless access temporary and longer-term housing 

- Crisis accommodation and transitional housing support for people who are homeless due to domestic and family violence or for other life crises. 

We also offer a drop-in service for all new and existing clients of LCP. 

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70,300 clients within NSW were supported by homelessness services

NSW SHS 2019/2020 data via Homelessness NSW


- Approachable, non-judgemental workers who will listen and help you to find a way to manage

problems you may be facing 

- Case Management: which means help to sort out how you want your life to be and what will help you get there  

- Access to a limited number of transitional housing properties in the community  

- Help to find other temporary and safe accommodation 

- Information about mental health, domestic violence, sexual assault, or other difficulties and referrals to link you in with services and support


- Liaison with other government and non-government agencies such as Centrelink, Department of Education, Department of Communities and Justice Housing, Child Protection, Health services etc. to ensure you are connected with the right services 

- Practical support to help you secure independent accommodation, find and set up a new home, manage debts, access legal services or medical assistance 

318 clients were provided support by LCP in the last financial year, this is up 11% over the previous year 

LCP data 2020/2021


In partnership with Link Wentworth Community Housing, LCP provides practical support to people whose tenancy has been identified as “at risk”. Support is provided via case management to address the issues that may be impacting their tenancy. This program is voluntary and provides further support for newly housed clients to sustain their tenancy. 


Approximately 20% of people accessing LCP support were young people aged 16 – 24 

LCP data 2020/2021


The Crossroads program is a supported accommodation option for people who are having difficulty obtaining a tenancy in the private rental market. Accommodation support is provided via case management for a limited time to enable clients the opportunity to sustain a tenancy and develop a reference. 


Provide a timely, person centred and coordinated response.​


Assist clients in the development of skills and the ability to acquire and maintain safe housing.


Individually tailored and inclusive for all individuals and families 


Foster positive connections to family and community.

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